About Us

Our mission is to create self-worth, confidence & self-growth by connecting people with Adventure.

Our Adventure Designs

Empowered Empire first started as a passion project which grew into a small business based in Queensland. Each design is created by Beck, a local of Tropical North Queensland. Beck combines her love for creativity, adventure and passion to uplift others to create unique and meaningful Adventure Shirt Designs.

Inspired by Love

Beck currently lives in a small town of Tropical North Queensland, Australia. At the age of 25, she had lost her soulmate Shane in an unexpected accident.

Beck & Shane both loved Nature, Adventure and the Outdoors was a big part of their lives. After Shane had passed in 2017, Beck had experienced deep grief and a number of challenges. During the years of greif and to this day, she still turns to Outdoor Adventure as a way to help heal, overcome life stresses & become more present in the moment which was ultimately a very strong belief Shane had held.

Inspired by Shane’s wisdom & energy, Beck had released her first Adventure Shirt in 2018 called Follow The Sun as a gift for Shane, available for family, friends & the public. This piece was something beautiful that came out of a dark and challenging time, expressing love, hope and healing. Beck feels strongly about continuing Shane’s positive influence on the world and this design is part of that.

Beck later realised that her freedom to express stories & meaningful messages through art is what she truely enjoyed. 

She officially launched Empowered Empire in 2020 as she felt that every Adventure artpiece someone buys is one step closer to connecting that person with Adventure, fueling upliftment & happiness into the world.

A Message from Beck

Thank you to my family, Shane’s family, all our friends and the community for the unconditional support during one of the hardest experiences of my life. During that dark moment, the love and support from others really brought the sunshine back.

I am not the only one who had lost someone I love, Shane is a beautiful soul; a loyal friend, an understanding and encouraging partner, a loving big brother, a handsome son, a playful grandson, a wise knowledgeable thinker, an adventurer, explorer, daredevil, ocean lover… Each of us are grateful to have had you in our lives.

A big thank you to my partner Daley and my furry babies Vasco, Momo & Kevin for the love and support behind closed doors on those darkest days.

Shane, I can’t thank you enough for being all of who you are. You left the most beautiful memories behind for many of us. We miss you every day but know, you are home now. We love you <3