Empowered Empire

Inspirational & motivational gifts

Fishing shirts, clothing & canvas art

Empowered Empire shares inspirational gifts & art with motivational fishing shirts, clothing & canvases. 

Each piece aims to uplift you, your environment and others around you while sharing a story inspired by experiences or individuals, holding a sole purpose to encourage growth and being perfect gifts for yourself and others.

Motivaltional & inspirational gifts

To Encouraging growth through empowering pieces

Founder of Empowered Empire – Beck Hall

Beck was inspired to launch Empowered Empire through her journey of losing her partner in 2017.

At the age of 25, Shane had passed in an unexpected accident. From here, Beck’s life had changed leading her to sell their adventure businesss (Cockatours) they had run together for 2.5 years. After feeling lost with no direction, Beck found her purpose which was to help others chase their passions & dreams just like her and Shane did.

In Sept 2018, Beck launched Savvy Little Freelancer (SLF) with her first Fishing Shirt project named Follow the Sun; one dedicated to Shane who was eager to design a fishing shirt for Cockatours. Instead, she had designed one solely for him, to keep his spirit alive, to encourage & uplift others and to spread seeds of positivity into the world.

Beck still runs SLF where she encourages growth with her clients through Website & Graphic Design. Although, she felt like she needed to do more and express herself more to help others. So she continued to work on more uplifting projects designing Inspirational fishing shirts and Canvas Art which has led to launching Empowered Empire. 

Beck believes in surrounding yourself in a positive environment to keep yourself uplifted. After experiencing deep heart ache, loss and grief, she grew to understand the importance of this. With much depression, chaos and greed present in the world we live in today, we cannot ask but for more greatness and positivity to help us grow towards our Greater Selves. 

When purchasing one of our products, you join an Empowered Empire. An Empire that’s moving towards Greater Growth.

A Message from Beck;

A HUGE thank you to my family, Shane’s family, all our friends and the community for the unconditional support given during one of the hardest experiences of my life. During that dark moment, the love and support from others really brought the sunshine back.

I am not the only one who had lost someone I love, Shane is a beautiful soul; a loyal friend, an understanding and encouraging partner, a loving big brother, a handsome son, a playful grandson, a wise knowledgeable thinker, an adventurer, explorer, daredevil, ocean lover… Each of us are grateful to have had you in our lives.

A big thank you to my partner Daley and our cat Vasco, for the love and support behind closed doors on those darkest days.

And finally, thank you Shane, for being all of who you are. You are always within us, for every sunrise and sunset <3