Adventure Junkie | The Meaning

This Adventure Shirt design shares a piece of love for the Tropics and the Adventure’s and experiences that come with it. We are surrounded by magnificent nature, wildlife and lifestyle. For me, I am lucky enough live and breathe this beautiful place we call home in Tropical North Queensland.

With the amazing rainforest, freshwater creeks & waterfalls “Trippin’ on Tree’s, Sippin’ on Waterfalls” is a fun play on words to describe our lifestyle and laidback, humorous nature. The images used are unique to our home to show off our beautiful area because yeahhh, we are pretty proud of it! 

The words “Never forget how WILDLY capable you are” can be interpreted in many ways; everyone will take this message in a way that they need. It could relate to you when it comes to adventures, life, business, goals or even fears. But just remember, be open to all your capabilities.

This design is available in Long Sleeve & singlet styles through our online shop.

Let’s get deeper:

  • Front Cassowary – the unique iconic bird only found in tropical rainforests
  • Words “A place where you feel most alive” – these words fit perfect as our home offers a vast range of nature, adventures and wildlife
  • Words “Adventure Junkie” – specific to all our peeps who are obsessed with adventures! This is the shirt for you 
  • Tree root patterns throughout the shirt – symobolise growth; growth within you and within our TNQ community
  • Back Waterfall – a magical image shot of Murray Falls (located just south of Tully, QLD)
  • Back Goanna – a large lizard also commonly represented in Aboriginal dreamtime stories
  • Words “Never forget how WILDLY capable you are”
  • Sponsors who helped get the project on a roll!

Thank you to my amazing friends & local photographers: Brian Ross, Daley Rata-Makene & Tropical Dave

Project Supporters: Website Designer Savvy Little FreelancerCockatours

Local Businesses: Sedgman Electrical, Local Cafe- The Flametree Coffee Lounge

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