Dream Big | The Meaning

Our Dream Big adventure shirt actaully started off as a test project for my partnering business Savvy Little Freelancer. After sharing a photo on social media, we had a huge number of people fall in love, so we added a little bit of Empowering Magic to match our collection!

The overall design is inspired by my experience of launching a small business. Savvy Little Freelancer is my other business where I fuel growth and confidence through creative Graphic & Website Designs. Taking such a huge leap was scary at the time but my desire to follow my passion kept me going along with the unconditional support I had from Shane, family & friends.

Growing up, I was told many times on “How to live life” or that “I needed to set up my career” etc. I am sure a lot of us have heard the same thing – especially over our teenage years.

I had come to realise that not everyone told me to stay true to myself, stay true to my values and that I could make my wacked out ideas and dreams prosper. So this design is to tell you just that! Dream as Big as you want, stay true to yourself & you can make things happen!

The words “Remember who you are before the world tells you who you should be” really resonates with me. Over so many years, I allowed myself to be victim of judgment from others which in turn, influenced my own choices and desires. It wasn’t until I became completely aware of what I was allowing to happen and from then, I took my own reins to ensure all decisions come from love and are true to myself.

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