Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Ship To?

We currently ship Australian Wide only, standard shipping. 

How Long Will My Order Take?

We try to process our orders as fast as we can.

Please give 1-2 business days to process your Adventure Shirt order and 5-10 business days for standard delivery straight to your door. Please also be aware that at these times, unexpected delivery delays may occur due to Covid-19.

Can I Return My Item?

You can cancel or amend your order free of charge if the order has not already been processed or already delivered. Otherwise, we will accept returns after 30 days from order date & we will also refund you for the return costs!

To receive your refund, store credit or exchange & your reimbursement for postage cost, the returned item must be:

  • Returned within 30 days of purchase
  • Be unused / not worn
  • Be in its original packaging
  • Not be washed or damaged in any way

Unfortunately, we cannot issue exchanges or refunds on items that have been worn, damaged, washed or altered in any way.

Please ensure to keep your tax receipt invoice so we reimburse the costs to return your adventure shirt.

Please contact us to organise your return!

How do I return my Adventure Shirt?

Returns can be made easily, but please ensure to contact us before making a return so we can send you detailed instructions on how to do so.

In summary, here is how you make a return for your Adventure Shirt:

Step 1. Check your product meets return elibility (ensure no damage is made & it is not used)

Step 2. Post your item at your closest Australian Post. Make sure you keep your Tax Receipt so we can reimburse you for the postage costs.

Step 3. Notify our Team that your item is on the way & send us a clear picture of your receipt with tracking number.

Refunds, exchanges & reimbursements will be processed once the item is received and checked for eligibility.

Do you offer your products to Resellers?

Yes! We have now opened our products to resellers! We are offering an exclusive low minimum quantity order + free shipping on the first order. You can apply to become a reseller here.

Where are your Adventure shirts made?

All Adventure Shirts are designed locally by Beck (founder of Empowered Empire) who is currently located in Tropical North Queensland, Australia. Beck is passionate about the Outdoors & combines her love for nature & creativity to produce unique Empowered Empire Adventure Apparel.

Designs are then sent to our trusted International Supplier who is currently based in China.

Why an International Supplier? Why not Australian?

After much feedback from our customers, pricing of our clothing highly determined purchases. As we are a small business and strive to make customers happy, we want to keep our prices feasbile.

Unfortunately, the current market prices for our shirts to be made in Australia would not allow us to keep an affordable retail price for our customers while financially supporting our business & the Australian supplier.

This is a priority of ours and we have connected with many Australian manufacturers to try make things work but unfortunately, at this time, the price range would not be feasible

Do your shirts have UPF 50+ ?

Some styles have UPF 50+ rating. You can find this information in the product description. You will find other styles do not have UPF 50 +.

All clothing gives sun protection and once you add UPF, we have learnt it makes the material thicker and dense. Our aim is to provide lightweight, quick dry & cooler clothing for our Outdoor Adventure lovers so we feel that not adding UPF allows us to do just that.

What is UPF 50+ ?

Dermatologist, Alok Vij, MD, says that when talking about fabrics use the term “UPF,” which stands for ultraviolet protection factor. And with sunscreen, use the term “SPF,” or the more familiar sun protection factor.

For most people, it’s easier to toss on clothing rather than lather up with sunscreen. A shirt, pants and hat can give you great sun protection coverage, but there are still areas exposed to UV rays, like your hands, neck and face. If you want to be extra cautious, it is advised by professionals to choose a mixture of both sunscreen and clothing to get the best possible protection.