Follow the Sun | The Meaning

Follow the Sun is where the Empowered Empire journey began. There are so many hidden meanings throughout this design. Overall, this art piece injects inspiration, joy, love and hope into the world to keep the mission going of my beautiful partner, Shane Ronan, who we lost in December 2017. This design is not only just for friends & family, but is also shared to the public.

Shane Andrew Ronan was a down right, solid legend who’s heart touched and inspired many. His ambition was to change the world for the good; to create and manifest love, laughter and fun in a world that is surrounded in stress, war and negativity. His saw the life as a beautiful game, playing in his fears and facing them front on. 

Shane was also deeply intrigued by others and saw the potential in each person. Many of us remember him always pushing us to follow our dreams with our hearts and not be controlled by the fear created in our minds.

At such a young age of 25, Shane’s life on earth ended with an unexpected accident that occurred while he was embracing in an activity he absolutely loved. Shane had left behind the most precious gift I feel we will ever receive in a lifetime. A gift of realisation, openness and acceptance of life. A gift of self-love, inner-peace and devotion to yourself. A gift of harmony, connection and non-judgement to one another.

Each day, Shane was devoted to change the world in some way but now that he is not here on this earth, as his soulmate, best friend & partner in crime, I owe it to him to continue to trickle his seeds of love into the world.

This is an end product after a long period of experiencing grief, depression and heart ache. Gathering myself and dedicating my passion into creating something that would uplift others, especially those who were experiencing the same grief as myself while also continuing Shane’s mission. It was a process that helped me heal and accept loss.

The artwork expresses the abundance of the Universe – something Shane was always in awe of. The words Follow the Sun is derived from Shane’s love and fascniation of the Sun’s wonders – it’s colours, energy and ability to allow earth to prosper. The magical sunrise image on the front was captured at the peak of Mt Tyson in Tully (one of Shane’s favourite spots) and on the back is another sunrise at Mission Beach & Dunk Island. Both images taken by myself & Shane on our own adventures. 

Getting a little deeper:

  • “Follow the Sun” – Shane was always so fascinated by the sun and would regularly sun gaze. There was always appreciation to how magnificent the sun was and what it does for our world. 
  • Eagle shadow on front and back – An eagle to symbolise to Fly High and Fly Free through life, it was also Shane’s chosen animal if he were to be one
  • Universe & galaxy of the Universe – “The Universe is limitless and us as humans will never understand it,” a quote he loved!
  • “We live in a beautiful world” – a strong belief of his own where he would always see such beauty in everything & everyone
  • Compass on front – resembles travel, adventure & exploration
  • Front sunrise – captured at Mt Tyson by Shane & myself. The sun is placed on the shirt close to our heart in which the words “Follow the Sun” also interprets as “Follow your Heart”
  • Words Ronan Empire – a name Shane and an old friend came up with in school which in turn, became our Company Name for our business years later
  • Sunrise on Back – a beautiful shot taken in the early mornings when Shane loved to catch the sunrise and go for an ocean dip. A very special memory I can keep forever
  • A special message is placed on the back of this design to give thanks and love for all he has done from all his loved ones

Thank you for all of who you are Shane, we love you always and will see you some time soon. Fly high my handsome angel <3

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