Grounded | The Meaning

When I took the time to sit and write this story for our design Grounded, I didn’t know where to start. As most of you know, each design we create (with Empowered Empire) holds a sole message and deep purpose to connect with people in some way and hope to shift something within them towards any kind of growth – whether it be a change in mindset, an awareness of thought, self-belief, self-realisation etc.

With the word Grounded, we often see messages telling us to “Stay Grounded”, “Keep yourself Grounded” blah blah blah.

I don’t want to spit out a few posts here and there, “telling” people to stay “grounded”. I want this piece to mean something. To give direction. To reach the people who need it. To be an answer for those who are feeling a little lost and also (if I’m lucky), get people questioning themselves and really think deep and hard about: “How am I feeling right now?”

And with those who answer, “Hmm, I do feel a bit lost” or “I feel a little disconnected… I guess.”

Read on.

Ultimately, I want you to walk away after reading this article thinking “Well I’ll be damned, I actually didn’t know that about myself” and help you realise getting Grounded not only can be done through Nature (which is a great solution for many) but also Adventure. And Adventure, can be found in every part of our lives if we expand our awareness. Once we are aware that Adventure is found in every part of our lives, we can identify exactly what keeps us Grounded, give us more of it and live a happier life!

While exploring in deep thought, I came across a realisation that a lot of the great things I feel when going on an Outdoor Adventure, I can also get from everyday life.

With this in mind, I asked a bunch of my Adventure loving friends how they feel when going on an Outdoor Adventure, with a lot of them coming back to say:

  • Connected
  • Refreshed
  • Alive
  • Excited
  • Peace

All of these positive feelings along with many more, I believe are what truly keeps us Grounded but most of all, also come to us in many ways in our day-to-day life.

For example, your friends and family are a route to feeling many of the above. A catch up with a bunch of best pals can be an Adventure on its own, if we expand our awareness:

  • diving into deep and meaningful conversations: Adventure of mystery & connection
  • taking the piss out of one another: Adventure of fun, laughter & play
  • sharing recent experiences: Adventure of excitement & suspense
  • letting off some steam: Leaving you feeling refreshed & at peace

A nice afternoon stroll can be an Adventure of refreshment & peace.

Reading your favourite Book on Mindset can be an Adventure of challenge & excitement.

Spending time in the Garden can be a mini Adventure of connection & presence.

Adventure is Everywhere. It doesn’t need to be physical activity.

Now that we are aware that Adventure is not only found in Outdoor Activity but also the realms of our every day living. It’s time to have a deep think about what feelings we get when doing the things we enjoy. This, my friend, is what truly keeps us Grounded and this, my friend, is what we should all work to prioritise to live a happier life.

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