Empowering Adventure Apparel

Welcome to Empowered Empire.

Our mission is to plant strength & empowerement into the world by combining our passion for the Creativity & the Outdoors. We create unique Outdoor Adventure Shirts where each design holds a story & empowering message aimed to uplift others. All Adventure Shirts are designed by ourselves (locals of North Queensland, Australia) and are great for outdoor activities, hiking, camping & fishing.

By purchasing our products, you not only support us & our mission, but you also join our Empire, a community of people who want to do their part in adding more positivity into the world.

Choose a design which feels right for you; whether it be the message you resonate with, a unique design you love or even if you’re just chasing a sweet lookin’ design to wear on your Outdoor Adventures! Either way, you might brighten old mate’s day when he reads your Quote while passing by you in town!

Featured Adventure Shirts