Skilled Sailor | The Meaning

Every individual faces their own challenges in life and this design reminds us with each challenge, there is always a lesson we can take from it.

Ocassionally, we can feel that certain experiences don’t have an positive outcome. If you are open to acceptance, we believe that in every situation, there is always some kind of lesson we can take from it; whether that be learning about ourselves, others or life in general.

With myself, a lot of creations for Empowered Empire are likely to relate to my experience of losing my partner Shane. This design & message is an example of how positives lessons can be seen through such a traumatic experience. Of course at the time, I did not see how I could possibly find any happiness after losing my partner until I had walked the path I needed to.

If you struggle to find any positive lessons from a challenge or experience you have gone through, my take-ins may help you look beyond the little dark bubble we choose to put ourselves in. 

Lessons may come straight away or take awhile to surface – the key is to accept that they will come at the time you need them to.

Here are some lessons & gifts I had come to realise after losing my partner:

  •  The knowledge and wisdom I now have – from my partner Shane & my experience of grief
  • Being grateful of having all those special moments and memories with him
  • Learning more about myself (strengths, weaknesses, body, what truely makes me happy etc)
  • Seeing the hidden strengths & bonds I have with friends & family
  • Knowing Shane is free, happy & where he belongs gives acceptance for what has happened

I hope this little write up can help those who need it.

I always find it helpful to pause in a moment of uncomfort so I can look deeper into a situation. Every moment in our lives is a moment that is meant to happen. 

Beck <3

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